After hearing Mark and Mr W twittering away, I woke up early and decided to pop along to the new Apple Store that opened today and see if I could get a t-shirt.

This one was snapped with photobooth and quickly uploaded here from one of the macbooks in the store:

Here are my flickr photos tagged with applestoreglasgow

Not too much to say about the event nice to briefly catch up with Mark and Neil, shop looks as cool as a mac, crowd happy.

I was interviewed by a couple of Mark’s pie crew who were making a podcast for The MacCast, I don’t think I made much sense but it gave me an idea for the next post.

I ran some of the photos through the A N I M O T O online slideshow tool:

I must say I am a bit disappointed with animoto, the end result looks very slick, but I had nothing to do with that. The interface is excellent, good looking and easy to use. You just upload photos and the online app decides on all the crops and transitions, the only thing I did was choose the music (I didn’t really spend much time on that).

Although this is a quick way to make slick shows there is a lack of creativity on the users part.

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