What are all of the terms and genre defying categories which are emerging – a few I’ve collected and researched:

Digital Story – a generic term for stories produced and shared by digital means.  It tends to include image and audio, not just a word processed version of the story.

Transmedia – Stories which cross genre, medium, and type.  For example a television show which has some of the plot developments play out on a website, or in a game.   The term was described by Jenkins (2003) in his work Transmedia Storytelling who looked from the perspective of Hollywood and the media and how they can build a depth of character development and use it as a marketing opportunity to build a franchise.

Early post from Jen Deyenberg’s new blog Writing and the Web which will collect her research, ideas, and inspirations for the last stage of her Masters in Education (announced here: Writing and the Web « Trails Optional)
I am looking forward to seeing posts pop up in my reader.

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