Radiosandaig 144

A couple of weeks ago I was delighted to get a series of email from some ex-pupils. They were back at Sandaig Primary for some work experience. These pupils had been part of the original Radio Sandaig team and two of used the nom de guerre’s of ‘Thelma and Louise’ when they visited, kidnapped Sandy the Otter and took him to the Be Very Afraid event at Bafta in London. (details at Radio Sandaig @ Be Very Afraid).

As part of their work experience the pupils were tasked (tasked themselves?) with restarting Radio Sandaig and helping with blogging at Sandaig Otters. They had a few questions about GarageBand, I think they used Audacity, and suchlike.

The fruit of their hard work (or fun?) has now been published on Radio Sandaig with some new young voices taking over. I feel slightly jealous that I am not part of Radio Sandaig any more and delighted that it has kicked off again.

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