Well I thought I hadplanned a good session the Tasks were all set, the class had been asking all the time, when are we going to the media room and then WebSense struck.

Of the tasks I had set up. One site I’d linked to was blocked by websense, another blog where I’d asked the children to look at a powerpoint was accessible but the filesharing site the powerpoint was on was not. (update: and of-course one blog I pointed them too was using bubbleshare, I should have remembered we cannot see that:-() And most of the other tasks just took a little too long for an hour in the media room.

I need to rethink a bit, simplify the tasks, check them out in school and repeat.

We did get the podcast finished and my next wee tasks for the evening will be to upload it to Radio Sandaig.

The other interesting conversation I had was with a boy in my class who had posted a comment to our blogs with his PSP, an argument between several experts about if you can upload images or not followed, much hot air but no facts we will investigate when time allows. Unfortunately I can’t see us getting permission to get PSPs on our network anytime soon.

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