I am having a day’s holiday from Glow on Friday taking the Radio EDUtalk mic to the  eAssessment Scotland conference in Dundee.

We have broadcast from the conference for the last couple of years and always have had great conversations.

It might be too late to book your free place but you can keep up with the conference by listening to the live broadcasts throughout the day at the Live shows and stream page on EDUtalk.

We will also publish the audio as podcasts after the event.

If things go to plan and follow the patter no preceding years will will broadcast short interviews/conversations with speakers and presenters over the day and announce them on twitter as we go.

If you are listening from afar you can tweet a question using the #edutalk hashtag on twitter.

If your there on the day and want a chat on or off mic give me a tweet or say hello.

I am having an early start today. A while back we had Kenji Lamb on Radio EDUtallk. He kindly invited us to the eAssessment Scotland 2012 conference to do some recording.

The conference has a really interesting looking program. Some of the participants joined David and I for our regular live show earlier this week which was fascinating. We hope to be broadcasting live on Radio EDUtalk throughout the day of we can. Hopefully we will tweet: #edutalk the segments as they go live.

If you are listening live the quality may be better with iTunes, WMP or other non browser method as we will be switching between live and Auto DJ regularly.

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