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I said it here but this is much better (via Anarchaia) as is: A Simple Code – Web Karma, Distilled.

Kurt Vonnegut Is Dead at 84

Two of my must reads Tom Hoffman and Daring Fireball point to uncov: uncov / Meebo is What’s Wrong With Web 2.0 (meebo) which is interesting & provocative Tom Hoffman’s take is

Realistically, cheap laptops for kids will need the efficiency of free desktop applications, not web apps uber alles.

uncov, uncovering web2 say they are

uncov is a new blog that is focused squarely on internet startups and web2. We plan on digging deeper than most web2 review sites and finding out what is really going on behind the scenes.

Tom’s post reminds me of Beyond the Browser (a oldie but goodie).

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