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You provide an interesting reflection on workflows Ton.
Personally, I spend so much of my writing of late on my Nexus 6P. For longer posts, I still often start in Trello using Markdown, however for my collected posts I utilise the post editor. Although I have tinkered with Indigenous, I have become …

I’ve thought about mobile quite a lot of the years1, played with different types of postings.

My class post to their e-portfolio blogs and class blog using iPads, which give an ok but not great experience. We usually write in the notes app, paste over and add media. I am worried, still, about the transition to Gutenberg.

As an apple user lot of the friction, for me has been solved by I mostly posts photos on the go. It is harder to write IndieWeb replies, bookmarks etc. while mobile. Adding a footnote is easy on my laptop, but I wouldn’t want to try on my phone.

There is certainly room of an app or WordPress plugin that would give a very cutback experience. One of the great things about is that posting images does not fill up your editor screen and make text harder to add in the way the WordPress editor does.

1. Since 2007 with my class on a 2g phone

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