GifMovie site

I am trying to make a plugin that will:

  1. add sounds to a gif
  2. present a gif as a ‘movie’ starting and stopping on a click.

I do not really know what I am doing. I have seen a few plugins that ‘freeze’ a gif until clicked, they seem to generate a jpg from the the gif. The approach here is different:

  1. A shortcode [gifmovie gif=’gif-url’ mp3=’mp3-url’]eg: [gifmovie gif='' mp3='']
  2. The short code adds the gif with a class of gifmovie and an attribute of mp3
  3. Javascript then adds a canvas element, put a frame from the gif on and a play button, it hides the gif. Adds an audio element for the mp3. Clicking hide canvas, shows gif and play audio.


Make Strange Don Draper gifs in the browser.

The offshoot of ds106 that is #giffight has given me a lot of fun. Every so often the giffight tumble posts an image with the invite for anyone to use it to create an animated gif from.

After much testing and playing around I’ve managed to get to a place where I’ve got a webpage that makes Don Zen Gifs that you can add an image as a background, or generate some random stuff as a background and get a gif. The interface is a bit rough at the moment. Don’s Gif Zen


pechaGif Clicking Start will start a slideshow of 20 gifs, that will last 20 seconds(or your selection) each. The gifs will be a random selection from the ‘DS106 Random Gif API’, the challenge would be to improvise a incoherent presentation from gifs you have never seen. Escape will get you out of fullscreen, reloading the page will give a new set of gifs.

pechaGif is inspired by the pechaflickr by Alan Levine @cogdog.

pechaGif has a lot less under the hood than pechaflickr, there are no options only 2 options!

I cannot imagine that anyone would be crazy enough to use this, but some folk have. The main purpose is to give an example for the equally useless DS106 Random Gif API.