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  • by Anne-Marie Scott
    I did an invited talk yesterday for the kick off day of the OTESSA conference, part of the larger Canadian Congress conference. It was a lovely experience, not least because I was introduced by Connie Blomgren […]
  • by NomadWarMachine
    Today’s Daily Create challenges participants to make a FitBit type device to measure something that would not usually be measured. My suggestion is a remixometer – a way of measuring the amount of originality, ingenuity … […]
  • by NomadWarMachine
    “Glasgow Uni looking out to the South Front” flickr photo by NomadWarMachine shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license
  • by goodenoughmum
    Don’t burn out Take good care Let the others Do their share. Eat good food Sleep enough Pace yourself when Things get tough. I say these words And mean it too When they relate To them […]
  • by Lucy Johnson
    Find out about the 2023 Success Looks Different Awards – created by the Inclusion Ambassadors to recognise how success can be celebrated differently. The post Success Looks different awards 2023 appeared first on Reach.

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