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  • by NomadWarMachine
    I think I’ve always been a bricoleur – it’s a family trait. But it’s not without danger. When I read this page by Austin Kleon, I remembered happy times messing around with my brother. We were […]
  • by edubletherjude
    You know those children that take your breath away? The children who keep you up at night with thoughts of exactly what else you can do to help them. The sort of children who require constant […]
  • by NomadWarMachine
    In my earlier post I suggested that Heidegger thought of understanding as being an uncovering of meaning, and I further suggested that this is one of the things that we bricoleurs do when we mix and […]
  • by john
    The music lives on – Apple iPod touch will be available while supplies last I feel quite sad about this. I don’t think the iPod every got the traction it deserved in the classroom. Back in […]
  • by john
    Working on the help for Glow Blogs. This is spread over several sites. Keeping inter links between them all takes time. Now sharing a H5P column to do this, update once & it goes to all […]

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