Summary (TL:DR) ScotEduBlogs is a site with aggregates Scottish Educational Blogs. This allows one to keep up with many blogs in one place. ScotEduBlogs is being redeveloped, simplified and streamlined, repositioning to be a hub of educators blogs (which reflects its original use). I’d appreciate anyone interested looking at the new site, (temporary url) […]

A while back we heard that posterous was shutting down. This was quite bad news for EDUtalk, we had a lot invested (time and files not money) in our posterous site. I had a look at alternatives, Posterous to What? and decided on  a way forward EDUtalk, post posterous part 1. Since then we have been beavering […]

Even though it was expected I was pretty dismayed when posterous announced that it was shutting down. Last week I blogged about possible ways forward and as I did so a couple of possible solutions appeared: Posthaven is the safe place for all your posts forever from some of the development team at posterous a […]

Woke up this morning to a barrage of tweets about Posterous turning off on April 30. We use posterous for EDUtalk and I have a few other posterous blogs too. This is not too unexpected, I bloged about it a couple of times, Posterous Worries and More Posterous Worries but it is still disappointing, who […]