I seem to be going to the Netherlands with our primary sevens later this year. Last time we produced the Netherlands 2005 blog, well received by the parents.

Unfortunately for us the Hotel De-Instuif has undergone improvement and an upgrade moving it out of our price range. The last time the owners was very good about allowing me access to his home pc where I fired up the children’s notes and photos. I am not sure yet where I’ll be able to get a connection.

This session I’d like to move up a league by utilising the bus time for blogging on the the move, so I need advice. I know folk can use phones and usb things that can give access to the net anywhere, but an not sure of the details. I’ve 2 scenarios:

1. The dream, what is possible?

2. The actuality, what can we do that is short term, not paying for 12-18 months when we need a week, does anyone rent phones usb-sim-modems for a week?

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