3 thoughts on “Meall an Fhudair Lots of wee birds

  1. @johnjohnston lovely photos, especiallu the birds and dragon fly. A rented super telephoto will arrive today and I hope to put it to good use.

    I am interested in learning about the walkmap? How was that done? What software are you using? How did you embed that into your website.

  2. @khurtwilliams thanks. I’ve a powershot sx70 for out of phone reach.

    I record a gpx track on my phone with the Trails app. I use that to add geotags to the photos with exiftools. The photos are published to Flickr in an albulm. The gpx file is slimmed down a bit and uploaded.
    The webpage takes the id of the Flickr album and the name of the gpx file. Gets the photo urls, titles and locations via the Flickr API. It uses the leaflet javascript Libary to display a map with the trail and add pins for the photos. The cycles through the photos highlighting the location. I suspect it could be a lot better and I change things now and again. I’d like it all to work on my blog, but it is just linked at the moment.

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