Today is the day. North Lanarkshire is retiring our communication application FirstClass. Uses in schools for e-mail, file storage and discussion forums.
I remember starting in North Lanarkshire in October 2008. I saw FirstClass for the first time. Even then it’s UI looked a little outdated. Over the years I can to appreciate some of it qualities. Excellent usability on a very poor mobile signal. Compared to other email solutions it feels very lightweight, in a good way.
I learnt a little of its other features, some of which were good, some a bit clunky (the web publishing).
At the end of my time at the computer centre, FirstClass developed a web frontend. This was a more modern UI, but I only saw that briefly. NLC continued to use the desktop application.
While I was an ICT dev officer I spent a lot of time in firstClass. After returning to the classroom I continued to use it every day. It will be strange not to open it up anymore.

4 thoughts on “Farewell FirstClass

  1. That brings back memories of a pre-internet OU computing course I did in the days of TV programmes, VHS videos and floppy disks. I’d no idea it was still going. It’s had a good life!

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