8 thoughts on “Markdown in Teams 2

  1. I use vi, nano, atom, Etherpad, notepad, wordpad, word, docs; just for text editing. I know you are a smart cookie and you know I’m not saying to “switch” but to “compliment” you tool chain with something that actually works 😀

  2. Similar here, without vi, I was hoping I could create md and paste into teams. Unfortunately teams seems to be interpreting as you type rather on posting. Got a script to make markdown links from tabs which would have been cool to blast list of links. Minor snag in these times.

  3. Yea we’re gonna prolly have to release Etherpad “Live” or something to get eyeballs back on the project. Things got stale when I was busy doing M&A’s/young fam and @PitaPoison discovered a world beyond a keyboard <3 😀

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