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Woke up this morning to the radio talking about the cost of living rising a further 5%. It infuriates me the index that they use for this calculation, which grossly underestimates the real cost of inflation as it happens to people with the least. Allow me to briefly explain.

Read this thread by @BootstrapCook. Brilliant work on how unfair inflation currently is.

Many thanks to Robert Macmillan for re tweeting.

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  1. @johnjohnston thanks for this. You did send me down a rabbit hole. Best bit- – an upmarket ready meal range was £7.50 ten years ago, and is still £7.50 today.
    – a high-end stores ‘Dine In For Two For £10’ has been £10 for as long as I can remember.
    – my local supermarket had 400+ items in their value range, it’s now 91 (and counting down)

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