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photo from my phone;-)
Using mobile phones as computers in class
Part of learning hubs project. Funding. All 5th & 6th to have handheld learning device.
Negative image of mobiles in schools: Phones should be banned in class. Staff at school have responded very well losing these negative notions.
Higher 5th & ^th years staying on.
Phone spec:

  • 3G with internet
  • Camera & Video
  • Sound recoding & playback
  • Keyboard (not on screen)

Looking at MDA choice: Vario II, keyboard, GPS, looks serious, not a phone, looks like a computer.
Children will not phone, just use for data. Data only Tariff.

  • Video Camera: Science Experements, upload to youtube for revision and reporting.
  • Video Camera: PE compare.
  • Video Camera: Drama, to improve performance or build mini video.
  • Video Camera: responses to NABs instead of writing.
  • Camera: Flickr set for field trips
  • Camera: Art models
  • Camera: Animation stills
  • Camera: 365 photo project
  • Watch Video: News Clips Modern language, modern studies, first aid skiils.
  • Sound Record: Modern language homework test.
  • Record interviews for Radio Station.
  • Record for assessment instead of writing
  • Listen: podcasts iPod-plus, music

Windows mobile, office, type up essays, bluetooth keyboards in English.
Maths: spreadsheets. Bluetooth homework. read ebooks (boys especially).
All the goodness of outlook organisation.

This project not using text (data only), but text has potential: reminders: exams, bullying report etc.

Internet access
All have access, research, blog, this should equalise digital divide.
Kate is now talking about finance… business involvement to help buy cheaply.
Want contribution from parents, parents may pay for device as deposit (returned at end of year), or parents insure device (£5/month).
Children used device for 1 or 2 years, get to keep device if they go on to further edu. Already incentive to go into 5th year.
Research going onto health & safety, personal safety, behaviour, consequences and rules. (Not a street device, misuse lose for a week).
Attribution and permission.

Troubleshooting pse period, self supporting system, children to teach teachers.
Links: 2020.wikispaces.com 121.wikispaces.com www.learninghubs.co.uk.David looks like he is blogging this at the other side of the room.

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