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Ahh I think you use SemPress I am using 2016-IndieWeb I want to change the bookmark feed so the title of the post is the title of the source, needs to include link to source, and then my content. For quotes the block quote doesn’t display. I just haven’t had the time to practice making the templ...

Hi Greg,
My bookmark feeds don’t have the titles of the bookmarks. Nor link to them. Ones < 280 chars don’t have titles.

The RSS templates are not in my theme but in WordPress in wp-includes. I added only one of my own for microcasts and it goes in my theme folder. It is added as a custom feed.

I don’t think that the indieweb themes do anything with the RSS. It sounds like you are looking for daring fireball type titles/links? I think there was a plugin for that.

BTW I didn’t, yet, get a mention from your post?

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  1. You are the second person to mention “Daring Fireball” and talk about that plugin…I am not sure what that even means but looking at the plugin is how I kinda figured out how to hack at my feeds.
    To me it just makes sense to have the “quote” in the qoute feed and the title to the source in a bookmark feed.
    Strange on the webmention. I sent it manually too…It took a really long time…maybe a timeout on the curl….I can’t send webmentions yet…still broken…always broken….why am I still using #IndieWeb WordPress??

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