I glanced up and it is the 9th of August. Nearly time to go back to school.

Apart from a bit of gardening, walking and the odd glass of red everything else is unfinished. I’ve feel like I’ve been working away on lots of fronts with plenty of blue sky fun, but no end result.

Poor old Rommy Robot lies untouched.

I’ve failed to install mySQL on my old G3 many many times. This was particularly weird as I had done it before.

I played with the google api Google Maps API and have nearly got something useful, I need someone to explain how to convert whatever the squares on a OS map are to latitude and longitude.

I messed about with RSS, tags and the Flicker API tags learning a bit more about del.icio.us, Technorati and coComment.

I did a bit more with the Flickr API and have a potentially useful couple of tools Flickr Creative commons search and Flickr Creative commons search if Flickr is freed from websense.

My idea with the RSS feeds and the APIs was to create some sort of research starter for children blogging, a quick way for them to get links, images and conections on a particular topic but there is a long way to go on that one. I did learn a fair bit about copying JavaScript and API examples.

I messed around with WordPress and started setting up some blogs for the Bannerman New Learning Community Primaries, more about this later. Downloaded and installed a fair number of themes and just started scratching around the surface of WordPress, lots to learn.

I read a lot of blogs, wrote some comments, grabbed links.

I didn’t use flash to make a new toy for the children at school, either a bubbleshare clone or a flickr style notes thing, both of which I thought about when I found out flash now can handle file uploads.

Anyway, I am going to pop into school tomorrow and see how the new computer room is getting on. Time to leave the chair behind.

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