So we need to keep inventing. We need to keep creating our own software, and our own content, even if it isn’t mainstream, even if it means we are not Twitter stars or TED gurus, because it’s the only antidote to the homogenization and commercialization of mass culture, as happened to the media of radio and television before the internet. We have to ensure that we have the legal and moral right to create and communicate directly with each other, to build our own networks, to share our own content, and to be able to shine a bright light on, and criticize, the popular media. Maybe it’s just cat videos, maybe it’s corrections of errors in AI courses, maybe it’s commentary on a Chanel commercial campaign, maybe it’s the creation of a way for families to keep in touch across borders. It’s because this is how we grow as a society, this is how we learn as a society.

Great end to a great post by Stephen Downes. The post covers Stephen’s use of Social Media for an interview. Not only is creating of software and media important it is a lot more fun than consuming. (I am a wee bit late linking this February post but worth reading the whole post a few times.)

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