Education Secretary Michael Russell has appointed the Chief Scientific Adviser Professor Muffy Calder to convene an ICT Excellence Group to consider the future development of the schools’ intranet ‘Glow’.

As previously indicated, the new ICT excellence group will draw on the experience and expertise of end-users, and educational technology experts to scope the long-term user-centred future of Glow.

from: Engage for Education » Archive » Glow – Schools IT Excellence Group set up (update 6 Jul 2021 link broken:

The list of members  ( was posted yesterday. There are some great choices, personally the inclusion of Charlie Love give me great hope for the technology behind glow being flexible and adaptive.

I was a wee bit disappointed that mainstream primary education was not represented. I’ve also noticed, from the twitters a few other omissions.


ICT Excellence Group – Am I the only one really disappointed in lack of Primary on this group?? We were pioneers surely ??


ICT Excellence Group – Who on this group has a thorough insight into additional support needs and the role of ICT in support?


Very blinkered. There is more to ICT than Glow. Too many are excluded from Glow. FE, as usual, not represented.


ICT has massive positive effect on ASN pupils but their needs are different great to see teachers on panel can we ASN as well?


Make up and balance seems wrong somehow. No problem with those on group but it needs more balance, spread & depth

Of all the folk on the list I know, or have read/listened too, I would not want any to be omitted but the list could certainly do with some additions.

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