Walk round the glen Douglas ‘Trio’ today, Beinn Bhreah, Ben Rioch and Tullich Hill
Started cloudy with a bit of drizzle as I squelched up Beinn Bhreah. cheered up by a few groups of Red Deer and a Raven croaking overhead.

Red Deer
I’d forgotten my camera and an iPhone is not the best wildlife at a distance camera.
It began to clear up a bit after I got to the first top:


Walked along to Rioch had some coffee and dipped down to climb up Tullich Hill.
One of the things I like about these hills is how quiet they are, I did not see another walker today, great view of the more glamorous Arrochar Alps too.


Lunch at the top of Tullich while my phone made a wee timelaps video of the cobbler:

Although these are just about highland hills they are covered with rough grass rather than heather. Lots of Bedstraw and Tormentil along with some pink and blue jobs. Some orchids on the wetter parts of Tullich.


Grass filled with vole tunnels too, I nearly stepped on a couple of the wee beasts scooting along the tunnels.
Back down to the road I noticed some new signage pointing to the hills. Selfish twinge that this might mean the walk is a bit busier in the future. Amazing that you can get so alone a short hour from glasgow.

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5 hours 20 minutes, 10 and a half km, 1012m of up.

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