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We?re Adopting! An Adoption Strategy for Social Media in Education A wee live blog to start the day. Waiting for Ewan to start a glimpse of the new edubuzz on the screen. Looks very sweet, David Gilmore should be please.
There are a lot more laptops in evidence than previous years at SLF/SETT.I think Ewan has finished installing updates, and is introducing himself. Now National Adviser for Teaching technology futures (an upgarde). Trying to get significant minority of a LA to use Web 2.0.
Social media allows one to listen in to so many conversation.
East Lothian very varied LA.
2005 20 teachers in EL sharing online out of 1000 teachers, now >350 teachers and 1000 bloggers (including pupils, six years old to Head of Edu).
Permission to fail, allows teachers try things out, makes learning more enjoyable.

5 points:

  1. Id Key User Groups; parents, student teachers & librarians, mixed bag of folk, not just geeks.
  2. ID and understand your key users & influencers. Get the ‘leaders’ onboard.
  3. Let Key users evangelise.
  4. Turn evangeliser into trainers. (avoid evangelisers turning audience off)
  5. Support folk at the bottom and emergent ideas.

Face to face very important (TeachMeet)
Don’t lead by mandate.
Big impact on parental communication in some schools. (all?).
How do you deal with fear factor. See: The Bass Player’s Blog

Do we spend too much time planning technology lesson, Ewan says we do because we will not go off plan to improve lesson. I probably disagree with this one. I don’t over plan but have to spend a lot of time testing if the tech will work.

Nice video of multi tasking musician typical HT would say useless. Ewan says no. 841,498 views, 9102 ratings, 8000+ comments.

Amazing example from Be Very Afraid:

Ewan has a huge audience.
David Gilmore, links beyond the school, p3 divers example, bubbleshared experiment, picked up by diver who commented, and visited.
Rate my Mates
>Ewan’s demoing blogging, email to the world. How quick is that.

Creativity must be shared.
Flickr, 5 photo story, comments, sharing goodness.
Note we need edu flickr.Ewan wrapping up with:
It is not about the tech it is the teachMr W’s bebo example. Ewan would not use Bebo, but we can learn from it.

Photo Mr. W

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