I have published the podcast recorded in De Rank on the Radio Sandaig page.

That pretty much wraps up the trip. We had a great time and I think I learned a lot about a whole range of things.

  • Recording with my new Logitech® USB Mic straight into Audacity is, as I expected, a lot more efficient than using the iPod. The sound quality seems fine too. I am going to use this more for the regular Radio Sandaig podcasts.
  • It is nice to be connected, I blogs from the airport, the two schools and the hotel we stayed in, the iBook really shines for this, I never had to touch a setting except to put in wireless network wep passwords.
  • There can be a real connection using Video conferencing. This is the first time I’ve conference with people (my own school) who I know well. although there was no obvious educational content in the conference, mostly hello this is what we are doing in De Rank, it will hopefully help to build links between our schools. I am also aware of the difficulty the Dutch children have in understanding the Sandaig Children’s accents. I will be thinking of how to communicate on a visual rather than verbal level in the future.
  • I also really like the muli layered communication that we were trying, blogs, video conference, just posting image galleries and the podcast. I am very optimistic that his will really help with building friendship across the North Sea.
  • Comic life, what a wonderful application for Education, children just love it.

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