Campsies, from Ardinning, hazy day
Warm, overcast & muggy

Spotted Orchard
Flora, orchard, tormentil, buttercup, valerian, yarrow, bedstraw, speedwell, forget-me-not, pignutPainted Ladyred damselflies matingTiger Moth
Small Heath
RingletFauna, damselflies blue & red, dragonflies, Ringlets, Small heath, pearl-bordered Fritillary, painted lady, tiger moth, A Common lizard 1st here
Common Lizard

9 thoughts on “Ardinning 29-06-29

  1. @johnjohnston Lovely collection. I could have used your selfie-stick trick today, trying to photograph a skittish tiny anole in the cucumbers (although maybe it wouldn’t have helped, as even moving the camera towards him? seemed to cause fleeing).

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