I’ve been making photo grids with maps. Started with AppleScript now playing with JavaScript. Problem is that iOS seems to strip some of the EXIF data from images, but NOT if I edit them, then the full EXIF can be read from local image in safari. Seems bonkers? Way out my depth!

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  1. @johnjohnston I suspect Apple erred on the side of caution and reputation. It seems there are alarmist everywhere:

    If an app gets permission to access the image library, it will get full access to all image metadata also, including the exact location.
    This is a serious privacy issue, as third party camera apps that want to just store a picture the user took, will also get full access to all photos and their locations in their image library.. ~ openradar.appspot.com/34610699

  2. @johnjohnston understood. I see that there is no way for Apple to win here. If they allow access to EXIF, the people will vent about privacy issues. If they block access, it’s too restictive for some. If they allow per image permission pop-ups they will overwhelm most users.

  3. @khurtwilliams but the weird thing is they do allow if I edit a photo slightly. Just originals seem to lose geo here. (although there might be some except). Seems inconsistent. If I expect it to be ‘safe’ but edit photo, it is not. I wonder if it is a bug one way or the other.

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