Listened A podcast about microblogging by Andy from
I have created a podcast which is linked to this post (about 4 minutes long) discussing some recent microblogging experiences of mine, and I refer to a “secret project” related to microblogging – take a listen and see if you want to participate (tease!)…

🎧 Listened: A podcast about microblogging by @AndySylvester, Looking forward to more episodes. Also the ‘secret project’. Recorded in the car, I’ve though about trying that a few times. Going to listen (huffduffed) to episode 1 to see if there are tips.

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  1. @johnjohnston oh very cool.

    @andysylvester thanks for the name check – not quite sure what you are looking for but I have a few posts around that I will send to you – good luck with that ebook.

    Coincidentally earlier this week I concluded that I wasn’t getting going on podcasting because I was putting artificial barriers up to what I needed to do .. how can I do a podcast if I don’t have a little brand tune to start it up … and i need to work out how to edit and what about the promotional icon … what about that …

    Time to get off the pot.

    // @ron

  2. @JohnPhilpin If you need a little tune, let me know. I’m trying to build up my portfolio of podcast jingles, and I’d be happy to do it gratis. (I did the theme for Micro Monday, SestraCast, Guinea Pig Wheekly, and JonCast.) Grab me on Slack or email me if you like.

  3. @JohnPhilpin I believe it was just today (or yesterday?) that I saved the link to the posting here w/ a vid about how to use Ferrite & some kind of blue mic to create a podcast. Our Jean has also posted about the paid audio editing service that she & Manton use, her thumbs up.☝

  4. @the It was a post by @mattbirchler 20 Nov 18 at 10:52 am How to Record and Edit a Podcast with Ferrite for iOS. Sorry, would give you the direct URL, but I’m juggling my iPod Touch & my Android phone. Not enough fingers & wits to get the URL and paste it.

  5. @Ron thanks for the compliment! I’ll keep you posted on the book as it develops. Also, wanted to let you know that Bob Dylan is going to be on the Tonight Show tonight (Thanksgiving evening), saw it in an ad during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

  6. @JohnPhilpin I was experimenting with how a status post from WordPress appears on On the podcast, I just used my phone (Moto Android), teh app Audio Recorder, converted the AAC file to MP3 using VLC on Windows, then used Audacity to clean up the beginning and end.

  7. @AndySylvester It’s at least theoretically possible. He starts a nine day run at the Beacon Theater in NYC tomorrow. Or it could be a spoof with Jimmy Fallon getting ready to do one of his Dylan parody performances. I’ll get ready to record , just in case. Thanks & H T!

  8. @macgenie Somewhere you recommended Blue Yeti USB mic for podcasting. The mfg gives its specs as being for Win 7, 8, 10 or MAC OSX, no mention of iOS. Really? So not the one for my iPod Touch? cc: @manton . Asking because they’re on Black Friday sale, $89.

  9. @Ron the microphone I have is a blue yeti … usb … and when I started looking at plugging it into iOS … while possible … the price was nearly up to that of a specific mic for the phone … which would also be smaller and more portable …. not sure if blue yeti do an iPhone only version these days.

  10. @Ron The Blue Yeti is a USB microphone. I think you would need some kind of adapter to use it with your iPod. It would also need a way to get power. (The Mac supplies power via the USB, but I doubt the iPod touch could do that.) The microphone I use with my iPhone is the Shure MV-88, which is based on a Lightning connector. It’s a lot more expensive, but it is quite amazing for the size and quality.

  11. @Ron I can also ask around the podcasting cadres for recommendations. If it was an iPhone, I’d say just use the included ear buds/microphone. But they don’t include the microphone with the iPod touch, which strikes me as chintzy. There are many apps for which you might want a microphone. It is not the greatest audio output, but it would be fine for appearing on a podcast like Micro Monday… Maybe you have something for your Android phone that would work as a mic?

  12. @macgenie I have used the Touch built-in mic to record a few test seconds with Ferrite and it sounded okay. The MV-88 is about the same price as the Blue Yeti right now ($99), so I guess that would be better for the Touch, which I believe has a lightning connector. It came with a lightning to USB cable, which is what I use for charging it. For simple mono talk, the built-in mic might be good enough.

  13. @mdhughes I think their idea is you’d only need a mic integrated with ear buds for phone calls & Touch is not a phone. But it could do Skype, I think, in which case the $29 would be well spent. But to just record my own monologue, I can probably use the mic on the Touch itself. Tks for your research!

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