Just discover I had a Goodreads account, started and abandoned in 2010. I’ve be finding that I am not recalling the titles of books I read on kindle and thinking about making some tracking notes. I’ll give this another go.

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  1. I use highlights on Kindle and then Clipping.io to manage those. Laura Gibbs put me on to that and it works well when I need to go back to books. Now the Kindle highlights are ‘updated’ they also do not work so well so having a backup is helping me.


    I am even considering ditching the kindle and going back to (dare I say it) paper!! There is research that shows that recall is not as good when reading digitally. Personal Experience says: I only remember to discuss detail books that I read on paper, Kindle books? I remember my highlights! Because I engaged with them.

    Just some random thoughts about reading. Never tried Good Reads but I am not keen on sharing my reading with others – it is an alone activity I cherish 🙂

    • Hi Mariana, I hear you about paper. I much prefer it. But I mostly read my wife’s books (we share an amazon account). She returns her library books to quickly for my 20 minutes a day reading.

  2. About once a week I stumble into an account I forgot I had. I have a pretty dormant Goodreads one myself. It seemed like a good idea to both organize your own notes on reading and share with others. Another good idea not followed through on. Bryan Alexander uses his well.

    I maybe recall digitally recalling 😉 Barely.

    • Hi Alan,
      I think I want digital recording because I’d lose a note book and can’t read my own writing. My notes would not help other much and will probably be mostly titles.

  3. @johnjohnston Same „problem“ for me: reading books, not remembering too much. Made me start using notebooks some years ago, doing excerpts (mainly for nonfiction). Also helps when I stop reading a book for a while. Not remebering has a great pro: you can read the book again 🙂

  4. @johnjohnston I use Goodreads, works well when linked with my Kindle. I’m exploring ways of keeping it linked to my site as well. At the moment the RSS feed from my Read shelf, is connected to ifttt to create a draft post. Not done anything with it yet though.


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