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“Always felt TeachMeet movement was about reimagining a world without keynotes and guest speakers. They’ve a place at the table but dominate professional learning dialogue to an unhealthy degree, I worry. Too often about platitudes and polemics than practice & messy imperfections”

@athole nails the feeling that TeachMeet started with. A move away from professional development being done to us to being done by us. It is clear teachers need help from experts, research and leaders from both inside and outside the classroom but TeachMeet was started to provide a different sort of space. It is worth trying to keep it that way.

30 thoughts on “@athole nails TeachMeet

  1. Guess it get complicated. By being a good space for teachers TeachMeet become attractive to those who what to “sell” a product or idea. Some teachers might want to do that too. Some might want to change roles. Nothing wrong with that, but best, IMO, to respect TM “principles”.

  2. @mrkrndvs yes, been fascinating. There is a tension with those that want to keep TeachMeets going along the original principles, no keynoters, no privilege and the attractiveness of TM as a space to sell or recruit( to products and ideas). Personally think there are enough spaces that TeachMeet would ideally stick to principles.

  3. Tbh I’ve struggled with Twitter again recently. But this reminds me of all the genuinely great stuff and people it can reveal to you. You are an absolute geezer, John.

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