Replied to Re: Customizing WordPress Feeds by Aaron Davis

Personally, I have been thinking about the possibilities of creating an alternative feed for Micro.Blog without the heading.

Hi Aaron,

I’ve got a snippet in my functions.php that removes titles from posts categorised as micro that have less than 280 characters in the content. That could be adapted. It is number 6 in the gist.  Some of the other functions in the list are a bit out of date.

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Today we’re announcing an all-new P2 beta as a standalone product, powered by We’re excited to have you try it out:

We had the p2 theme in Glow Blogs and I though it had a lot of potential. I wonder if running your own p2 will be on the cards? I’d love to see it back in Glow.

We removed the p2 theme from Glow a while back and it hasn’t been updated for a few years now.

Update, this thread: Tom J Nowell on Twitter: “Interestingly enough this is in their public theme svn folder as P2020, which reveals why they aren’t letting you install it locally” / Twitter and this tomjn/p2020: A self hosted fork of P2 2020