Office for iOS

The new Office app simplifies how you work on a phone by combining Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into one app and adds mobile-first features so you can get more done all from one app. This app maintains all the functionality of the existing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint mobile apps but requires far less phone storage than using three separate apps. New features leveraging the camera help you create content in uniquely mobile ways. Additionally, the app includes a new Actions tab so you can accomplish many common mobile tasks without needing to switch between apps.

Works with Glow’s O365 education accounts.

I don’t use office apps on my phone very often except for office lens.
This looks like an interesting development.
The quote above was grabbed with the Image to text function. This seems less powerful than Lens (no immersive reader) but allows you to copy text without a trip to OneDrive/Word which is handy. For my use, as opposed to pupil’s, it should be more useful.

Quoted Andy Baio

When I write for, I write directly in WordPress’s new Gutenberg editor, which is now on par with Medium as a best-of-class writing environment for the web. (And unlike Medium, I own my work.)

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“State of the comment saying creativity was stifled because they had to paint the same bird. Same with music. Only once you’ve mastered the foundations can you then start to break the mould and get creative.”

This is worth a read: The Benefits of the Copy Stage of Making


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