Poll shows a third of 14- to 21-year-olds now have their own online content.


I was talking to Ewan about the Digital Divide

This Technology Guardian article makes intersting reading even if it dosen’t break down the 14 – 21 group.

six in 10 young people have internet access at home, with a quarter of those having their own computer in their bedroom.

I’d really like to see that one broken down socially and geographically.

But among those with a web connection at home, 31% said that they had launched their own personal site or blog. Those aged 16 to 17 have taken most avidly to personal online publishing, with a female bias.

Interesting in that it seems easier to involve girls at age 10 to 11 in blogging and podcasting in my limited experence.

Only one in 10 said they used the internet to read the news, with most preferring to use it as a means of expression and communication.

I guess thats a good thing as long as the communication is not just one way. I think I saw a nice graph when I read the article in the paper, but I might be wrong.

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