Two days into term and the days are seem shorter, blog reading is pretty limited.

At the weekend, I tried to get WordPress Multi User and Lyceum to work on the Sandaig Site. I don’t really want the hugely scalability of WP MU but I would like to set a class or three up with individual blogs this session. I want to do it on our site, to keep control and safety in my hands. I want children to be able to choose some of the features of their blogs, even if it just colour and header image, and I want to be able to set up the blogs quickly. Needless to say it has not worked so far. I am casting around for other ideas, setting up one blog with a category of each child would I think lose the ability for each child to have a theme in wordpress and if we used pivot changing themes would be a little too hard for 10 year olds.

Not that we are ready for full scale blogging, we have one pc in the class at the mo, and the classes with the new cabling are not switched on yet (mine should not be, but the mitel guy told me how to make a temporary link from one router to the other).

In an attempt to distract myself from all of this and my forward plans I’ve been playing with different ways to post to the blog, hence all the weird short posts of late. I am thinking of quick ways to put up information in a standard form, say flagged blog posts in my feed reader, or children collecting data of some sort (weather say). I’ve had various partial successes, but I probably need a little help with the technical details.

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