How to achieve monkey mind | The Daily Stillness Today you get to find a quiet spot and read this Medium article by Sarah Buttenwieser. A 4 minute read how can you not have 4 minutes to invest in your well being? Well, it may be 10 after you do your task: select from the article and/or add to it and make your very own list on how to achieve monkey mind. You will smile and also remind yourself that you do already know ehow to achieve stillness – do the opposite of one item in your list each day! Tell us what is in your list?

The linked article gave me a good few smiles.

  • Wake up in the middle of the night, worry about lack of sleep.

  • Check blood pressure, wondering what effect checking blood pressure has on blood pressure.
  • Bookmark and tag articles to learn from, reorganise said bookmarks.
  • Fill your devices with PDFs on learning JavaScript. Never read them but think about them often.
  • Automate things don’t look at end result. Occasionally recall you have automated something.
  • Distract yourself by making lists.

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