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  1. @johnjohnston I just realized that your titleless posts have the post text for their slugs. Are you composing those manually, or is it automated? If the latter, do you have some code for it that you can share (I didn’t see anything that looked like it in your Micro.blog functions gist)?

  2. @smokey My posts do have titles, in my functions.php I have modifyposttitle Which runs on wpinsertpost_data this adds titles and hence the slug (I guess😉) to posts without titles.

    Intended for posts coming from micro.blog and AppleScript it seems to work in the WordPress post editor too if I don’t put in a title.

    I strip titles out again in the rss for posts intended for micro.blog (hopefully I’ll change this to just status posts at some point). I think my approach is a bit messy😀.

  3. @johnjohnston Oh, I was confused because this post didn’t appear to have a title on your site, just text (in comparison to the previous post from your latest walkcast). I’ll have a look at that function, though, because I think it will still be helpful; thanks!

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