Replied to Extending The Spaces You Need To Innovate (Further considerations) by Aaron DavisAaron Davis (Read Write Collect)
P.S. If comments are the cassette tape of the digital world, not sure what metaphor you would recommend for a comment syndicated from your own site?

Fascinating post Aaron, and an great example of why comments, linking and blogging. Just starting to follow the links in this comment took me into both familiar and new; people, places and ideas.

Just on the comment quote, your post, a comment exemplifies the power of commenting from your own site. A comment on Tom’s would probably have tripped the too many links flag for spam detection.

I do wonder how you approach commenting on sites with out webmentions, like Tom’s? Do you regard them as notes to yourself and your readers rather than replies?

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  1. Thank you John for your reply. You pose some interesting questions.
    I think that first and foremost, bringing comments into my own site has changed the way that I appreciate this. I am therefore more likely to treat them now like the rest of my writing, littered with links, both to others and own writing. In more recent times I have taken to linking to my own bookmarks after I discovered a few posts with 5+ pingbacks. It just looked weird, especially as no-one else was pinging. (See Dave Cormier’s post on caring.)
    In regards to replying to posts that clearly do not accept webmentions, I usually write the comment in a Markdown editor (my current favourite is Dillenger.) I then post the comment and paste a version in the corresponding post. I think that Chris Aldrich does something similar. Sometimes I will also post on Twitter or Mastadon that I have commented, but I must admit that I could be more diligent with this.
    Does that clarify what you were asking?

    • Thanks Aaron, it certainly does.

      It is also a good example of a webmention reply. I guess you manually add the u-in-reply-to class?

      Somewhere along the line, links are stripped out of your comment, I wonder if I can fix that…

      • Sometimes I do add the class=”in-reply-to” but again I am probably a little lazy there. I wonder if the inclusion of
        tags would prevent the stripping of links in regards to webmentions

        • a class=”u-in-reply-to” href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener nofollow”>Aaron the tag(s) seem to be stripped from your own comment, the webmention and therefore my comments.

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