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I know that emojis have been an issue in the past, however I manually remove it from the slug these days (see url The only emojis are in the title? I think that you have touched upon my only concern/frustration with Micropub/sub Readers....

Hi Aaron,
I find emoji anywhere in Response Properties makes them vanish on publish. Lots of folk use them in twitter names, and if I’ve been too lazy to look at the details, boom.

Indigenous seemed to fill the response properties in an emojiless post, but I needed to update the post manually to get them to show on the front end of the blog.

I’ve got Default Status for Micropub Posts set to draft, and posting from Indigenous’s post section respected that, but replies didn’t. I need to test a wee bit more.

I guess I want cake and eat it, quick posting and the ability to edit quotes etc. Unfortunately I don’t have the ability to dive in and do this for myself.

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  1. My other frustration is that even if I save the posts to drafts and then clean them up, they still save as ‘links’ and then show differently on my site. I could fiddle with the CSS, but that is neither my strong point nor is it something I want to do. With this in mind, it kind of leaves me either using something like Indigenous the whole time or not at all. I definitely want my cake and to eat it to.

  2. in reply to: Arron

    Hi Aaron,
    Perhaps we need an IndieCake group;-)
    There are so many nooks and crannies to explore. Currently I’d like my replies to go to the other site without the quote. I should spend some time reading but I am a learn by trying at random sort of person.

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