I think this blog is unique in the ScotsEduBlog world in that it runs off Pivot.

The reason is that 1. I was familiar with pivot when we started blogging at Sandaig as I had blogged for a few years at Bad Poet my non-edu mainly SuperCard blog.

and 2.Pivot is one of the few blogs that did not need a database on the server, and we did not have a database with our hosting package at the time.

Pivot has in my opinion, proved to be great, very flexible with a pretty good toolset.

It has enabled us to run 18 weblogs for a variety of purposes. The theme settings are not as slick as say wordpress, but it is easier to customise using basic html and css, the blogs here may not be the prettiest but they are distinct from each other and some are cunningly disguised as parts of the main site (example: HT News or Sandaig News).

The main thing that has held me back from wholeheartedly recommending pivot to other teachers is its lack of pre-moderation of comments, so I was delighted to read about the new 1.40 beta on pivotlog.net, which has Comment Moderation and Greatly improved Metaweblog API support.

I think I’ve already been testing the metaWeblog stuff here as I uploaded some cutting-edge files from the pivot forum recently, but with moderation I can now recommend Pivot to any teacher with a smattering of html and css that would like to run a blog from a web host rather than use a blogging service. wOOt as the young folk say.

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