Got a couple of minor issues so far.

One is that quotes in the comments seem to be escaped, I think i could fix that with this patch from the pivot forum but it seems easier to wait until pivot 1.30.2 is out.

The second problem was pointed out by Andrew Brown, pivot now has stronger spam protection, and redirects possible spammers to which is possible not the best place for children who forget to answer the silly question to be directed.

I’ve fixed that by setting the redirect to which should be less offensive.

I had a quick trawl through the spam log to see if I could find Andrew’s message, I didn’t but I could see 12 spam messages trapped in the last half hour.

I know that I’ve had a lot more at times, but I wonder what this says about site stats, do they include all the spam messages. If you think your blog is getting 100s of hits a day they might be the wrong flavour of hits?

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