For Graham Wegner:

Twitter is a low hanging fruit for online thinking and learning. I cringe inwardly a little when someone pronounces Twitter as the best PD they’ve ever had. I wonder how it is that they have had such a barren run throughout their career for this to be true.

from: Twitter Is The Low Hanging Fruit Of Networked Learning « Graham Wegner – Open Educator

I believe that the Best PD/CPD quote was originally TeachMeet, according to Ollie Bray, in 2007 way back when TeachMeet was ScotEduBlogsMeetUp1.

One of the things that made TeachMeet such effective cpd was the feeling of ownership and inclusion it brought about.

Graham goes on say:

But blogging is different for me. I can recall various blog posts that have turned on the virtual light bulb for me with ideas that couldn’t possibly be contained within 140 characters.

Although I find twitter, useful and fun you have to agree that it fall short of the inspiration and information given by a great blog post. I don’t claim this for my own posts, which often are hurriedly put together with no focused audience (see my last post, which was only of interest to me;-)) but you just need to look at the posts coming out of the crowd, for example Kenny Pieper’s blog to see the strength of the long form.

Pedagoo do make great use of twitter2 , live TeachMeet like events but it is probably the detailed and focused blogs posts that hold it together. I have only watched from the sidelines but it looks like pedagoo might be making a solid claim on being the best cpd around?

1. TeachMeet07 – ScotEduBlogs Wiki

2. See the #pedagoofriday tweets, currated on pedagoo, for example: #pedagoofriday 5/10/12 .

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