I see Ewan had taken up this meme, I guess it is self indulgent but fairly harmless, I am having a good time anyway reviewing my years .
Next year, if I am here, I will not need to do this: ’cause I’ll have tagging of posts working properly. A lot of the post I write are more of notes to myself and at the moment often lost in the archives, hopefully next year they will be all lined up by tag.

  1. July: I played with Google Maps Again, improved my tracking of Teachmeet06 and disapproved of Learning styles
  2. August: I though about SSDN which became Glow. I started using TextMate, went back to school and was jealous of Ewan and AB.
  3. September: I messed about with google earth, appleScript and other ways of posting. Reported on our Media room, pointed to PodcastDirectory.org.uk, plenty of posts on SETT and teachmeet06 and some practical classroom stuff
  4. October: I went to Be Very Afraid, started getting children blogging in the media room and tried to figure out which software to use for providing individual blogs (I went with pivot Primary Six SJ)
  5. November: I reported on a short term blog and made a Flash Video player.
  6. December: I made and tested a simple flash mp3 player, used it to do some 10 minute podcasts with the children here and here, 10 minutes as in 10 minutes to plan, record and post a sub 1 minute podcast. I messed around with OPML which sort of lead to ScotEduBlogs news and I rounded to year off with a review of my blogging year part 1 and this post.

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