Veering off into territories where I am out of my depth a bit of fun in the last days of the holiday.

I’ve been playing with the new WordPress REST API using ideas from API Nirvana – Functional Details, then I remembered CogDog’s WordPress search javascript bookmarklet.

Multi WP Blog search allows you to search across a few blogs.

I doubt if this is actually a practical way to do things but it hints of ways of joining different blogs, small parts loosely joined?

4 thoughts on “Multi Blog Search

    • Hi Aaron,

      I don’t *think* that searching 200 blogs would be doable in a reasonable time, that would be 200 requests… The blogs would also all need to be WordPress ones that support the REST api. But I am only messing about a bit.

      It might be practical for searching a handful of blogs that are on the same topic, perhaps filtering by category?


  • Aaron Davis

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