Listened Ep 9: Something for a Monday: Exploring the beauty and authenticity of informal professional learning conversations, finding community and belonging through #TeachMeet networks from
In this episode I talk with Mags Amond, a retired post-primary school teacher and PhD candidate, about her research on a form of informal continuous professional development among teachers all over the world.  It is called TEACHMEET where teaching professi...

Very interested to listen to this one. Mags’ phd on TeachMeet covers some interesting territory.

I’d love to hear more on the transitions to online only events. I was surprised to hear they feel authentic. I’d also like to hear more about the links to open.

I’ve been out of theTeachMeet loop for a while, as far as I know they have all but vanished from the Scottish scene. It was exciting to get caught up.


4 thoughts on “Listened: Ep 9: Something for a Mondayand

  1. Cheers, John.
    The vibrancy of online events took me aback, am still processing it, John. (I am that tortoise).
    There is a lively group of MFL primary folk in Scotland using TeachMeet in community of practice get togethers … called SALT. After school online, called 6 in 60.

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