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Host-read ads and rise of parasocial marketing

Podcasts flow naturally and pleasantly into a listener’s day to day, advertisements flow naturally and pleasantly in and out of podcasts, and persuasion ceases to register as persuasion, becoming instead a benevolent suggestion from a trusted friend, an invitation to a communal experience, an opportunity to affirm that you are loyal to the community, that you “get it,” that you belong. The danger of this is that ads, host-read or not, are profit-driven, and they deserve more skepticism than a friend’s words would warrant. Advertisements are not our friends — even if they seem to spoken by them.

the intimacy of audio is one of the affordances of podcasts. This is the cloud from that silver lining.


2 thoughts on “Liked: Trust Me, You Want This

  1. This is an interesting point John, and one with which I regularly wrestle. I must confess I do find ads intrusive, but lean towards accepting that price as the cost of accessing a podcast for ‘free’. Is it the same kind of Faustian pact as handing over my personal data for ‘free’ access to Google services? I dunno.


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