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I am excited about this one, Morag and Marylyn’s blog the Interactive Talking Teddies is one of the best examples of good practice I have seen.
Subtitle: A Tale of Two Bears and Two Classes, the room is full and they have sent for extra seats. David has been dispatched to get a cable. Spencer and Campbell are in place.

Project took place between to Argyll Primaries.
Started two years ago, adapting ideas for younger children,
Bears posted to respective schools.
Children discussed what to do with the bears, some wanted them to go on the bus.
Nice audio-slides of the children talking. Recorded delivery, track bear’s progress.
Children assumed bear would hibernate during journey.
Children talk for bears, videoed with iSight. Bear taken on board as real person, video and photos taken by primary two children.
Bears went home, over 2000 digital photos came into school.

Kidspiration to write and tell children in partner school.
Children’s work added to scrapbook which returned to original school.
Campbell went to Isaly to do an island tour, vib on Logan Air flight.

Interactive whiteboards, Morag started posting on a blog about there ict activities.
After a hibernation, Spencer and Campbell wanted a blog!

Spensers and Campbell’s activities provided a inspiration for children’s writing, from getting a uniform knitted to going on a boat trip.
Primary 3’s wrote article for calmac magazine, great real audience.
Children made ‘contraption’ technology for transporting the bears, the children wrote at length.
Children took Bears home; on condition they did something interesting and they wrote about it in the bear’s diary.
Comic Life
Flappy le Crow, a french crow from Tobermory visited and only spoke french.
Home School links, holiday activity, bears passed from child to child, lots of parent involvement.

Children created holiday projects, there are so many great ideas attached to this project, too many to type.

Motivation, Approbation, independence, Confidence, Communication, Collaboration

Best thing I’ve seen at Sett

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