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I find the whole ‘HyperDocs‘ thing interesting Stephen. I think that the online nature of GSuite has led to the association. However, as Alan Levine has shown with thinks like SplotPoint, the answer does not always have to be Google. The challenge is the ease of use, especially in regards to the...

I’ve read a bit about Hyperdocs over the last few years. It has never made complete sense to me, it seems to be trying to recreate webpages with google documents.

I wonder if might point to a better way? It certainly would solve the template problem…

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      Aaron, thinking a bit more about this, the Hyperdocs concept seems like a great idea, but the idea of using ‘documents’ instead of webpages feels wrong. I thought of glitch (Which has nice version control provided by git, not giit hub) as it has a friendly remix button. You do get into complicated territory, seeing assists, html, styles and js files to kick off. I started imagining a glitch with a WYSIWYG editor. Then I wondered about WordPress, would it be easy to have remix post button that would add to the clipboard the contents of the post. On one site I run I’ve got a ‘duplicate this post’ plugin. I imagine it would be possible, on a multi-site, to have a button that could be added to a post that would clone the post to a draft on the viewers own blog… Might be one for @cogdog

      • I honestly cannot easily follow the whole disparate mico discussions here, but like you am not sure what HyperDocs are being someone describing the web itself. And I’m not keen at all about resting my plans on something the Google might just dump one day.

        You are talking about something that would bring in another post into your site as something to remix/edit? Wasn’t that the Mike Caulfield Wikity thing? Or the bookmarklet thing WordPress had to reblog?

        I’m intrigued too by glitch but pretty much imagine the whole concept and interface will make most people shy away.

        @cogdog is not sure what the ask is…

        • Hi Alan,
          The indieweb bouncing around can be a bit confusing.
          I was thinking of a sort of SPLOT tool for a multisite that you might be interested in.

          Basically a button you could add to a post that would allow viewers to clone that post to their own site.( It sounds like Tom has a good starter).

          It could be used by a teacher to give a template to a pupil which they would then edit.

          A wee bit of blue sky on a holiday.


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