When I am not eating, drinking, visiting updating webpages or walking along the canal in the mirk, I have be mostly browsing and avoiding writing 7 things(I’ll try this soon David).

Interesting stuff I’ve found:

retrievr – search by sketch via Tim Lauer

Weblogg-ed Tech Tools For Learning links to a nice pdf.

Tools for the TEKS: podcasting intro

another podcasting intro

A ton of posts at: 2 Cents Worth almost made me comment, but I am too far into the holidays to think that much.

And I have managed to switch my browser habit to a Vienna one for reading blogs.

All this means I am avoiding a wee bit of assessment I have to do before Monday.

Found a few Sandaig mentions too:

Sandaig got a mention in the “Podcasts for Educators” Weblog Highlights from 2005 where they play a snippet from our podcast along with some other school podcasts.

Anne Davis: What’s going on inside your head? says I seem to be spending a lot of time in Scotland lately. Really good things are happening there. which should be encouraging for us scot-edu-blog folk.

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