I’ve just checked out Glow which is the new name for SSND. There is a Glow: the movie (19 minutes) to introduce teachers to SSDN Glow. Some interesting stuff wrapped in a ‘wee drama’. took a bit too long to get it’s message across. There is a transcript too:


Who are you?

A glowing hand reaches in and beats her to it. Gloria looks up to see the GATEKEEPER – a handsome man in a white suit who appears to glow. She jumps back in shock.


I think we could have a laugh watching it in an inservice.

Strangely enough the Mac Version QuickTime movie: Glow: the movie (high speed) didn’t work on my my mac, just opened QT player which showed an endless connecting message. The Windows Media video: Glow: the movie opened fine using Quicktime in safari (I’ve got flip4Mac installed) .

If this is what we are going to get it looks pretty ambitious with a good toolset. All sorts of collaborating and content.

I was please to see a wee RSS icon floating by on the screen, I wonder if glow will allow the publishing and pulling of rss to the www or just within glow.


Also the words after school club video podcasting on another screen.

The mention of ‘glowgraphics’ (I think) sounded interesting as does the Intellectual property page at LTS.

The ssdn would seem to solve (in school at least) the bandwidth problem, but I wonder how powerful a class pc needs to be to see mutli user video chat?

I also worry about the idea of pupils connecting from home, the digital divide is still a problem in some areas of Scotland.

In the example the wee girl was online in her bedroom out of the parental line of sight, maybe she should have had a bed made up in the living room and her dad could have kept an eye on her while he did the ironing;-)

I am also curious to see how open to the rest of the world the ssdn glow will be, will we be able to pull in content from outside glow, rss, flickr photos etc? Will we need to? If it is closed will it make Scotland insular, or could we bring in international partners?

Andrew is blogging glow too.

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