Dave Whyley

Dave Whyley is the director of the one-to-one project in Wolverhampton called Learning2Go (www.learning2go.org ).
Ex primary head. Gadgets less important than learning. Technology in normal human environment. Children growing up digital:
Half written communication is email, 29% by text and 13% by pen and paper.
ICT suite shackles children.
Children like ownership, make stuff, need to author and share.
Creativity valued in all jobs, eg engineer.
ICT suites for training not needed any more children have the skills.
Showing bbc report on Learning2Go with handhelds.
1200 devices in Learning2Go project mostly year 5 & 6
Parental contribution £1.50 per week. Up to £2.50 for phase 3.
Why mobile:Cool, give learner choice to learn, built in digital imaging, unobtrusive, easy to carry (kids don’t like carrying laptops), safe ’cause they are hidden.
Just like a 21st Century pencil case.
Dave seems to have very low expectations of teachers, give the kids laptops and the teachers will make ’em type. I don’t really like that!
General bias against laptops umpcs take too long to boot.
I am getting the feeling that all this good stuff, mind mapping, picture editing etc can be done on pcs and laptops feels like the same ideas and results as many 121 projects except the devices are smaller.
Children make ebooks, fan fiction type stuff which they can pass around. Many of same advantages as blogging, audience and feedback.
Girl demoing an animation explaining pollination.

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