Talking to Glenise today about a possible article for Teaching Scotland the magazine of the GTC, and trying to think of how all the web 2.0 stuff relates to the real world of teaching.

A lot of the Edu Tech gurus talk about a revolution in teaching that they see as necessary to equip children for the coming century.

I am coming round to seeing blogging and podcasting as just an extension of normal primary school practice.

Blogging is just a Classroom Display with a bigger audience. We are always talking about making things real for children, giving a purpose, blogging and podcasting do that.

Primary children frequently present knowledge to their peers often in a school Assembly, podcasting is a extension of this. More and more I am seeing blogging and podcasting as a small extension to normal good practice rather than a revolution. Blogging a discussion as way of consolidating knowledge is not too far removed from the same activity with a big bit of paper. Publishing a bit of writing on the web is just using an open classroom wall.

Web 2.0 seems a lot more accessible and teacher friendly now and we still might help equip our pupils for the coming century.

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