My class are beginning to get the hang of blogging, this week we appointed two class scribes each day to blog each day, they are given the digital camera, and snap away then blog whatever they choose over on Sandaig Otters.

This week the children, who are pretty much new to blogging, need a bit of support with the technology as well as the writing but I think this is going to be a regular feature of the class this session.

I am also going to try to expand it to other classes. I kidnapped a few children from Primary seven to do a wee bit of blogging yesterday. If this expansion happens I’ll need to get busy figuring out how to present the posts as they will be dropping off the bottom as fast as they appear.

Again this week I have has sterling support from a pile of off site teachers and friends who have been commenting on the work. Apologies to those who have not had a follow up comment from the bloggers, we have still only one pc in the class as the suite is not ready yet. I’ll be delighted to return the favour and also link to other primary blogs if you let me know.

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